If There’s Denim, There’s A Way

I will start this post off by saying denim is life, denim is love. If you get that reference, I'm so sorry lol. Denim is like the fabric version of the color black, at least for my wardrobe. It goes with almost, if not, everything! There are so many different types, shades, and shapes of … Continue reading If There’s Denim, There’s A Way

I Have A Dream (Poem)

Hello All! In honor of the last week of Black History Month, I would like to share a poem or spoken word piece I wrote a while back about some of the things I've either experienced 1st hand as a Black woman, or things I've read about or watched second hand through news outlets and … Continue reading I Have A Dream (Poem)

Vests: My Closet Essential

Hello all!! Excuse my hiatus, I had to sort out some things. Sometimes life knocks you down, but the real test is whether you rise up from the fall and keep going. I’m back now though, so let’s get into it. Vests are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. It’ll take an outfit from … Continue reading Vests: My Closet Essential

My Journey to Loving Myself…So Far

**Disclaimer: I don't promise that what I did to help myself will help you as well. I speak for my own journey in this post. Also, nothing takes the place of getting proper help and seeing a psychologist, Thank you. *hugs** Loving yourself unapologetically is a never-ending process. There are gonna be some highs, some … Continue reading My Journey to Loving Myself…So Far