Mild Girl Summer: Girl’s Trip to Ocean City

This summer was a hard one for me. Between not working for almost 3 months, the loss of my Nana (grandmother), and moving from an apartment I've lived in since I was 7, it has not been easy. What can you do to alleviate stress and relax? Take a vacation! The destination being near water … Continue reading Mild Girl Summer: Girl’s Trip to Ocean City

Why I’m Scared to Lose Weight

Within the past year or so, I've noticed some of my favorite plus size influencers have been exercising like crazy or having gastric bypass surgeries and have lost most, if not all of their weight compared to when they first started. At first, I’ll admit, I was a little sad that the women I looked … Continue reading Why I’m Scared to Lose Weight

My Journey to Loving Myself…So Far

**Disclaimer: I don't promise that what I did to help myself will help you as well. I speak for my own journey in this post. Also, nothing takes the place of getting proper help and seeing a psychologist, Thank you. *hugs** Loving yourself unapologetically is a never-ending process. There are gonna be some highs, some … Continue reading My Journey to Loving Myself…So Far

My Trip to Wakanda (No Spoilers)

Oh, my word! When I tell you this movie was amazing and had me sitting on the edge of my seat, smh it’s the honest truth. Ever since I saw the trailer last year on Facebook, I’ve been super excited to see it. I was already a fan of the Marvel universe, but this movie … Continue reading My Trip to Wakanda (No Spoilers)

Brunchin’ it up in Brooklyn

Brunch, as we know, has become the cornerstone of girls days and Sunday afternoons for the past couple of years now. For some reason, I missed the memo. Maybe because usually brunch is on Sundays and I’m usually in church service the afternoon. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go to a brunch spot with some … Continue reading Brunchin’ it up in Brooklyn