If There’s Denim, There’s A Way

I will start this post off by saying denim is life, denim is love. If you get that reference, I'm so sorry lol. Denim is like the fabric version of the color black, at least for my wardrobe. It goes with almost, if not, everything! There are so many different types, shades, and shapes of … Continue reading If There’s Denim, There’s A Way

Vests: My Closet Essential

Hello all!! Excuse my hiatus, I had to sort out some things. Sometimes life knocks you down, but the real test is whether you rise up from the fall and keep going. I’m back now though, so let’s get into it. Vests are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. It’ll take an outfit from … Continue reading Vests: My Closet Essential

The Power of the Circle Skirt

Let me start off by saying that there are not enough words to express my love ...for the circle skirt. Ever since I saw this lovable hero hanging in the store, I've never been the same. OK, let me stop lol. I got a little carried away there, but I still think that a circle … Continue reading The Power of the Circle Skirt