Vests: My Closet Essential

Hello all!! Excuse my hiatus, I had to sort out some things. Sometimes life knocks you down, but the real test is whether you rise up from the fall and keep going. I’m back now though, so let’s get into it. Vests are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. It’ll take an outfit from drab to fab in one fell swoop. I have so many I can’t even count. To be honest with you guys, some of my vests were dresses I couldn’t fit so I cut them down the middle and chopped off the sleeves…Creativity at it’s finest.



I would say my most worn vest would be my crop denim vest. It’s so versatile and literally goes with everything. Most of the vests I own are either from FTF or the thrift store. I’m working on making some on my own in the future. Vests for me offer coverage and extra flare to an outfit. Usually if I think an outfit is a little too simple for my taste, I’ll throw on a vest to give it more pizzazz. This also applies to capes as well, maybe not summer friendly, but the other seasons are definitely fair game.



Vests (and capes) can be worn year-round and can come in any fabric you want for any occasion. It’s all in how you style it. Anyway, I just wanted to share how I style some of the vests I own and altered. I hope you enjoy these photos and are inspired to hit up your local retail and thrift stores with scissors lol. Love you guys! *hugs

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