My Trip to Wakanda (No Spoilers)

Oh, my word! When I tell you this movie was amazing and had me sitting on the edge of my seat, smh it’s the honest truth. Ever since I saw the trailer last year on Facebook, I’ve been super excited to see it. I was already a fan of the Marvel universe, but this movie made me a lot more excited than previous movies. Yes, there are the cultural and political aspects I would love to discuss that are represented in the movie, but unfortunately, I can’t really go into them without giving the movie away.

IMG_20180216_204419_032.jpgBlack Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, is one bad mutha’ SHUT YO’ MOUTH! I hadn’t heard of Black Panther previously but was instantly curious about his role in the Marvel universe. He first caught my eye in Captain America: Winter Soldier (another great movie) but gained my full attention in this stand-alone origin story. This movie is full of action, emotion, and beautiful views. Yes, that includes Micheal B. Jordan in all his muscular and scarred glory. I laughed, I gasped, yelled at the screen, everything.

20180216_193113.jpgWithout giving anything away, this movie not only gives you the action you crave from every Marvel movie you watch, but it addresses a lot of issues concerning the Black community and how to move forward as a united diaspora. Also, the women in this movie were outstanding. This just goes to show you that women are more than capable of being great, and not to the demise of men.  #blackgirlmagic #wedabestestNow you know I had to go to Wakanda in style, right! I couldn’t decide on what to wear but ended up settling on a black v-neck shirt, studded leather jacket, and an African maxi skirt. And of course, I displayed my natural hair greatness for the occasion.20180216_191420.jpgI saw the movie in 3D which definitely added to the fighting scenes. The only thing I can complain about is watching half the theater leave before the credits were over, smh. Everyone should know by now that they always give a preview for the next movie and the end. All in all, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It’s a great action film, perfect for the whole family.





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