The Power of the Circle Skirt

FB_IMG_1517796203908.jpgLet me start off by saying that there are not enough words to express my love …for the circle skirt. Ever since I saw this lovable hero hanging in the store, I’ve never been the same. OK, let me stop lol. I got a little carried away there, but I still think that a circle skirt or two is a great addition to one’s wardrobe. Circle skirts are so versatile (especially if they’re in a solid color). I, myself, wear them year-round and layer them over dresses to give that extra coverage I need for the work environment or for church. I got a lot of hips lol.  12804773_10153614702799139_3831029836151168795_nIf you’re just not feeling it that day, but you still want to look cute? Find a graphic or regular t-shirt, throw on a circle skirt, whatever shoes you’re in a mood for, and go be great in the world. This works for me because I consider these skirts to be statement pieces. Usually when I’m in a rush or not really focused on my style that day, I’ll add a statement piece to whatever I’m wearing just to jazz it up.


There have been many days where I just didn’t have the energy to get myself together, then I just threw on a circle skirt on top of regular t-shirt., paired with some chucks and went on my way.  I have a circle skirt in almost every color they sold, and I was proud of it. Also, it covers up the booty. I can’t wear certain dresses to work or church because they’re too tight or too short, so I’d throw a circle skirt on top of it and get the coverage I needed. This also works for more formal events, as you’ll see in the picture below.


I purchased these skirts from Fashion to Figure for about $35 if I remember correctly.  They’re made out of scuba fabric so they’re thick enough for the winter and breathable enough for the summer. Man I love these skirts!

Disclaimer: I used to work for Fashion to Figure, so I have a lot of clothes from there, for now.

When I worked there, they called me the circle skirt queen because I wore a circle skirt at least once a week, still do lol.  As I digress, circle skirts add versatility to a wardrobe, coverage when you need it, and are convenient for those “I’m not feeling it” kind of days. But you know, that’s just my two cents…


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